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In the world of trading, traders who learn how to use binary options signals, also known as 'digital options signals' or 'fixed return options signals', can increase their chances of making accurate investment decisions. However, many traders still haven't learnt the art of using these signals effectively, so in this article we are going to take a closer look at the different ways you can take advantage of this service to increase the likelihood of executing a binary options strategy that maximises your profits.

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A binary options signal is simply a software system that automatically analyses charts and historical data and will then send you live signals or alerts when certain trends have been identified.

The concept of binary options signals originates from Forex trading, where it is known as mirror trading, since traders have the ability to copy others trades and use software to analyse charts.

Alternatively, this system can automate your whole trading experience, where not only it will help to identify trends by analysing large quantities of data, but it can also execute trades for you. This is ideal for individuals who have a busy lifestyle and who don't necessarily have the time to sit in front of a computer, analyse charts and process trades.

A Human Strategy Driven by a Robot

In binary options, traders often use a strategy known as technical analysis to make the right investment choices. This approach usually involves analysing the value of an asset over a prolonged period of time.

For example, if the value of the Facebook stock has slowly been increasing over the last five hours, but then there's a sudden decrease in its share price, you can expect the value of Facebook to go back up as this short decrease in its price will drive an instant rush of traders to buy the Facebook stock.

This type of scenario presents a unique opportunity for binary options traders, as they can identify these initial drops and then profit by predicting that the value of a stock will go back up to its original direction.

However, there is a problem with this strategy, since you would need to review multiple charts consistently for hours looking for specific trends in different assets. You would literally have to watch the movement of assets and charts for several hours straight to catch such an event happening. This would require you to have several chart windows open on multiple assets - this is where binary options signals come to the rescue!

Signal service providers have developed state of the art software that can automatically do the job of a human being significantly faster by analysing countless charts and sending you live signals or alerts whenever such trends have been identified.

Some Basic Facts

Although there are free binary options signals out there, they don't necessarily use the same sophisticated approach needed to analyse charts and identify trends correctly.

On the other hand, you have more accurate binary options signals that work on a subscription basis, costing between $50 to $100 a month. However, you can sign up to a longer term plan which may bring down your monthly costs.

Also, if you're new to binary options trading, then this is a good time for you to start thinking about the type of binary options signals that you're going to need to implement an effective binary options strategy.

Signal alerts can be delivered to you for four different types of underlying assets: forex, stocks, commodities and indices. We advice all traders to organise their signal alerts into these four categories.

Furthermore, we advice all new traders to trade assets they find most interesting - there's no point trading forex if you enjoy seeing whether the value of a companies share price will go up or down in the next hour. It is not enough to do something for the love of money, as you are most likely to succeed by doing something that you take great pleasure in.

How to Spot a Trustworthy Binary Options Signals Provider?

As humans, we all want to make our lives easier - we shop online from the comfort of our bedrooms, we order take away whilst watching our favourite moves, and now we delegate tasks to sophisticated software systems to help make us money while we take showers or sing Karaoke.

But, how do you truly know which binary options signals provider is the best?

Here is a checklist that any TOP signals provider MUST SATISFY in order to qualify as a reputable and highly successful digital signals provider:

  • Must display a success rate of up to 75%. Digital signal providers that claim they have a success rate of 90% or above are consider as suspicious, since no robot can record such a consistent win rate.

  • Must have a dedicated support team that are responsive and willing to answer any of your questions or doubts. If their response is slow or vague, then this is a sign that this signals provider is not professional.

  • Must offer a demo account or 60 day money back guarantee so that you can test the accuracy of the signals provided. If they are confident that their service will change your life, then they should have no problems in allowing you to test their binary options signals for a trial period.

  • Must explain in detail how their system works, for example: How are different charts monitored, what approach does their system use to accurately asses different trends, how is this information extracted and delivered in time to you (the trader) and, finally, how reliable and safe is their system and security.

Can Binary Options Signals Make Me a Millionaire?

A common mistake novice traders make is that they expect the signals service provider to make them wealthy. If this is also your mentality, then let me inform you that this is one of the quickest way to lose all your money.

Professional traders however, use binary options signals to compliment their binary options strategy. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you check out our binary options strategy page to stay up-to-date with strategies and techniques that you can use to maximise your profits. Thereafter, you can use digital options signals to help turn your strategy into a more efficient and effective one.

Manual vs Automatic

Once you've signed up to your preferred binary options signals provider, you will have a chance to select between automatic trading, manual trading and semi-automatic trading.

In manual mode, you only receive signals but are expected to make the trades yourself. The drawback with this method is that by the time you place the trade, the trend on which basis the signal was generated, may already have passed.

In automatic mode, the system will trade for you each time it identifies a trend which it thinks it can profit from. Naturally, you can set some control limits, such as the maximum amount the system can invest per trade, the number of trades it can make per day, and so on. Although this is popular amongst some traders, it can make you too reliant on trading signals.

This article should now help you to establish whether specific binary options signals providers are worth the investment or simply too risk for your time. To carry on learning more about the binary options market, then simply read all the free resources available at OptionsBee.

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