Brokerage Capital Review - SCAM or Not?

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Markets: Forex, Commodities,
Stocks, Indices

Min. Deposit: $200
Payouts (In The Money): 75 - 85%
Out The Money: -Image of American flag
Regulated: No
Accepts US Clients: Yes
Bonus: 100% Sign Up Bonus


About Brokerage Capital

Brokerage Capital is a new unregulated binary trading platform with investors and traders that specialize in stock trades, commodities, currency and exotic market options. By using advanced technologies they are able to offer a wider variety of binary trading, allowing for easier and smarter trading.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND UNREGULATED BINARY OPTIONS BROKERS, so strongly advice you not to deposit any funds with Brokerage Capital. For a list of trusted and regulated brokers only, click here.

This form of trading is when a trader buys a contract on a prime asset and attempts to predict if the value will increase or decline over the time span of the contract. Value increase of the asset is considered in-the money and the opposite out-of-the money. For instance, as an online trader, you would use a website broker to purchase a contract for a particular asset of interest. After deciding whether to purchase a call contract, which is one that you think would that would have a higher ending, or a put contract, this one will be lower. Most have a start up time frame of an hour unless you chose a contract with a lower time frame, usually 5-15 minutes before expiration is up. In that time frame, the asset will most probably fluctuate in value but has no bearing on whether you end up with money or not. The actual value at the end of that time selected will determine its worth. Part time recreational and full time investors can benefit from binary trading.

Brokerage Capital has two primary goals: efficiency and strong enough to be able to offer a variety of traders using money management options that no other company offers. They are the only trading platform out there that offer Digital, Touch and Range options for both traders and investors to choose from.

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Touch Trading Binary option is a new and an innovative trading option that is based on FOREX and can be used by any trader, beginners and professionals.

Brokeragecapital Sign Up Banner - Up to 85% payouts.

A prediction on an asset will touch a set strike price before the time expires. This is an in-the-money payout option where traders receive the agreed amount. Their payout ranges between 75%-85%.


This is a prediction of an underlying asset expiration value within pre-determined ranges. This is based on principles of Tunnel Trading. Brokerage Capital is the only company offering this service. To be in-the-money, the trader has to predict with accuracy if the asset price will expire within or out of the determined range.

Brokerage Capital is proud to offer these trading options to traders, but it is nonetheless still an unregulated broker that cannot ensure the safety of your funds or security of your account details.

They offer a large line of trading products to choose from, along with Close and Extend tools. Giving the ability to be able to close their choices in advance rather than waiting for the expiration time. It also allows for extending the time automatically after the chosen item has been purchased.


Providing up-to-date trading technology is only one of their many services. Comprehensive service packages are created so that they can offer traders all available advantages using their products. Among the services available for supply there are:

Market Resources & Education

Ensuring your success by making sure to supply the most needed and pertinent information possible. This means providing the most current updates and news, such as economic reports, market reports and predictions. However, since this is a free service, we have established that most of these reports and predictions are very basic and don't include key market moving data.

The education department provides background information on binary options along with guides to help supply traders a bigger view of online trading options.

Brokerage Capital seek to turn novice traders into educated traders who know the difference between a wise investment and a poor one. They do this by offering a range of completely free learning services, such as a free trading eCourse, a free trading eBook, and free trading learning videos.

Financial Products & Assets

Providing multiple financial products which allow for traders a vast amount of options to choose from. By offering Digital, Turbo, Range, and One Touch to use with any of their available assets. When using their options, you will have access to multiple resources, such as stock, currencies, silver and gold along with indices. On the downside, their available assets are no better than most standard binary options brokers.


Digital binary service are among the most popular available. Known as the above/below where the trader determines if the value will increase or decrease over a pre-determined price before the time expires. Time frame usually ranging one hour to a month. Once they analyze a product, they choose either a Call or Put option. If the item is expected to increase, then they would choose Call, if it decreases, then the Put option would be chosen. Profit or loss will be known from the beginning, enabling traders to manage possible risk or gain before investing.

Close Now

This feature allows for early cancellation before the expired time. This option is mainly used if the item purchased is not moving in the desired direction. This feature ensures that a profit rather than a loss will happen, allowing the buyer to cut their losses.


This feature is also known as the Roll Over feature. This is used to extend the time of expiration of any of the options, helping to increase the in-the-money time frame by purchasing a One Hour Put Option to extend the time to allow for a chance of earning an in the-money-option.

Brokerage Capital Mobile Trading Now Available

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Customer & Tech Support

Technicians are available 24 hours a day to supply support with fast and friendly service by using specialists that are qualified to assist you. Working hard to provide the highest platform support to make sure you are satisfied with their services and products.

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Banking & Payments

Being able to make deposits or receive payments in accordance with fiscal policy laws of their own countries. By using Credit Cards, E-Wallets and Bank Transfer methods, they can guarantee safe transfer of your money. We must, however, stress that Brokerage Capital is a non-regulated broker, which means there are NO safety precautions taken to protect your funds, so you could lose all your money.

Though Binary trading can be very profitable, there are risks involved as there is no guarantee whether a chosen product will increase or decrease in the desired direction. It is an investment and like all investments there is a chance of monetary loss. To prevent unexpected outcomes, you need to research different companies and the many different forms of trading available and have a true understanding of what they are. Brokerage Capital has failed to secure any form of regulation so they operate under a framework where they are in essence setting the rules, leaving you, the consumer, exposed to any potential kind of scams. We therefore recommend that you have a look at our binary options brokers page where you will see a full list of only the Top Regulated Binary Options Brokers.

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