Is Redwood Options a SCAM? - MUST SEE Customer Review

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Markets: Forex, Commodities,
Stocks, Indices

Min. Deposit: $200
Payouts (In The Money): 70 - 81%
Out The Money: 0 - 10%
Regulated: No
Accepts US Clients: No
Bonus: Up to 100% Sign Up Bonus


A Newly Formed Broker

Established in 2013 and based in Anguilla, Redwood Options is an unregulated binary options broker that has decided to enter the binary trading market. Blue Sky Solutions owns and operates the company. Digital trading is increasingly popular, as it enables the user to make trades all around the world. While some may wonder whether Redwood Options is a scam, its ease of use and simplicity makes trading through them a no brainer. Offering trades at a minimum of 5 dollars with a minimum deposit of 200 US dollars or Euro, you don't need deep pockets to get started.


No Software Downloads Necessary

Redwood Options are trying to overcome the fact that they are not regulated by being accommodating to new traders. They allow users to trade strictly through the web, there is no need to download any cumbersome software. If you're an inexperienced trader just getting started, there is no previous trading experience required. 10 percent of all invested money is refunded, no matter how well your option performs. Redwood Options is also renowned for its plethora of trading assets to choose from, including currencies and commodities.

A Variety of Assets to Choose From

Redwood Options has a diverse list of trade able assets, which can be useful when you are looking for different options that you can trade in binary trading. Within just one year of opening, they've greatly increased their trading options, adding many stocks and currencies to their already vibrant mixture.

A Platform that's Shared and Used By Others in the Industry

The platform used for trading is much like any other used in the industry. Redwood Options uses a trading platform that is based off of SpotOption's platform, which is favoured by several brokers in the binary trading industry. SpotOption may be a commonly used platform, but this is because of its proven success and effortless operational difficulty.

An image of Redwood Options trading platform.


Trading Options to Satisfy Your Needs

As with the bulk of binary trading brokers, Redwood Options provides clientele with four different kinds of trading options: Option Builder, 1 Touch, Sixty Second Options and classic Up and Down Binaries. Sixty second options are favoured due to the speed of return with their one minute elapsed time. Redwood Options clients enjoy these options due to their high rate of payout, 81 percent. The up and down binaries are well liked for their uncomplicated nature. The one touch options deliver the highest rate, as some can fetch up to 500 percent, but they are only available on weekends and require the trader to decide if specific pricing action predictions will happen within a certain amount of time.

If you're interested in a more long term form of binary trading, Redwood Options offers 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, 24 hour and weekly expires in addition to the 60 second variety. If you're aiming for the quick strike or you're a patient long term trader, Redwood Options has a good mixture of options.

Online Trading Education

Redwood Options aims to do more than just provide you with a user friendly platform to trade in, they seek to give you free access to educational material designed to turn you into a savvy trader.

WE ONLY RECOMMEND REGULATED BINARY OPTIONS BROKERS TO OUR MEMBERS. To see an up-to-date list of the most reputable brokers, click here.

A Dedicated Support Team

Redwood Options believes in delivering the best possible customer service to their clients. Their customer support staff provides top of the line service, making themselves available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to handle any complaints and concerns. Clients can reach Redwood Options through e-mail, chat functions, or a simple phone call to their offices. This
is especially useful for clients who like to trade at all hours of the day and night.

Deposits / Withdrawals

We must stress that Redwood Options is an unregulated broker, so there is no guarantee that any of the funds you deposit are safe or that you will get any of your money back. However, they have encrypted their online traffic for optimum security. Secure Sockets Layer will keep your online transactions safe from hackers. Clients are also given multiple ways to transfer their funds. Wire transfers, eWallet, credit cards and debit cards are all accepted at Redwood Options. For those using credit cards, the maximum amount for deposit is $5,000. If you're more comfortable with Western Union, $10,000 is the limit. And for the deep pocketed trader, wire transfers provide an unlimited ceiling for trading. With comprehensive security and protection for your trading peace of mind, Redwood Options aims to provide clients with a trustworthy online trading experience.

Simple and Easy Steps to Follow

Beginning trading is a very simple process. First, input your details on the page provided for opening accounts. Upon completion, your private account will be linked to your trading platform. Deposit funds into the account so that you can commence trading.

After you start to trade, you are able to follow your trades all the way to expiration by using the helpful graph on the right side of your Open Positions Page. There is never a moment where you do not know if you are on target or off. After expiration, you will be able to check your portfolio and find out if you gained money or lost money.

Redwood Options has taken steps to try and ensure that it has modules that are effective and as good as other brokers in the binary trading market. They have implemented technology that should allow their clients to enjoy the best experience when it comes to customer satisfaction and a feeling of the utmost transaction security. It is understandable for clients to have concerns about legitimacy, but Redwood Options believes in complete transparency.

Redwood Options Mobile Trading Now Available

An image of Redwood Options trading platform for mobile phones.

Binary trading is able to be accessed at all times for clients, provided your asset of choice is available to be traded. Thomson Reuters provides relevant, accurate data updates for clients who wish to stay up to date. Before joining, be certain to review all of Redwood Options' bonus policies, in addition to their terms and conditions.

Deposit / Withdrawal Methods

Payout Rates

As well as the previously mentioned 10 percent return on investments that finish out of the money, Redwood Options boasts an average return of 75 percent per investment, with a minimum of 70 percent. With returns like these and the ease of trading, binary trading has never been made so simple and effective. We must, however, end by emphasising that Redwood Options is an unregulated broker, so regardless of the steps that they may take to ensure traders have a good experience, we do not advice that you join any brokers that cannot protect your funds or offer you the security which you need to prevent yourself from experiencing any serious binary options scam.

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