Is Stockpair a SCAM? - UNBIASED Customer Review

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Markets: Forex, Commodities,
Stocks, Indices

Min. Deposit: $250
Payouts (In The Money): 70 - 85% (Up to 350% for Floating Pair Options)
Out The Money: 0 - 3%
Regulated: Yes
Accepts US Clients: No
Bonus: 100% Sign Up Bonus

Stockpair is a great site if you are looking to break into binary options. Using binary options, you can bet on the overall success or failure of a stock, commodity, index, currency, or bet on the relative success or failure of two stocks. All you need to be able to do is bet on the option you feel will be successful and you can make money. Stockpair is a recently established site that gives investors several options for traders to buy options.

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A Little Background into the Life of Stockpair

Stockpair was founded in 2010 in Ireland. It uses a platform that is managed by Nextrade Worldwide Ltd who are based in Cyprus. The platform is simple and does not use overly complicated jargon so that anyone can jump right in and start investing full time. Their platform is fully web based so you can trade from anywhere in real time. Stockpair is new to the game but they have proven themselves by providing a platform that is simple and accessible for everyone.

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Choices, Choices and Even More Choices

Stockpair offers two types of options, fixed pair and floating pair. Fixed pair options are based on the performance of the stocks you pick from the start of the trade to the expiration date. Floating pair options are judged based on a predefined period so they are different in that the period does not necessarily have to start the moment you hit the trade button.

There are four different types of trading accounts on Stockpair. These accounts are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. Each account is unlocked when you reach a certain minimum deposit level and each account features a variety of benefits. The VIP account features the most benefits. You will not necessarily start out at any of these levels. You only need $250 to start out on Stockpair, but in order to even unlock silver level, you need to deposit $1000. VIP is even more expensive at $50,000, but it comes with all of the trading tools Stockpair has to offer and the ability to trade at an even higher volume. The premium trading accounts are worth looking at when you join Stockpair.

Profit Potentials You Cannot Ignore

Possible payout is extremely important when you join a trading site. On Stockpair, the highest possible payout for fixed pair options is 85%, while floating pair options reach as high as 350%. These payouts are extremely high for a trading site so if you really know what you are doing, you can make a large amount of money on Stockpair.

Becoming a Pro Trader is at Your Fingertips

Stockpair also offers a variety of tools for people trying to get into option trading. They offer a market review section that gives a comprehensive daily view of the market so you can easily catch up on the events of the market. They also offer a trade simulator so you can practice trading and train yourself to use the platform and to know how options work. The tools Stockpair offers allow you to quickly become an expert at binary option trading.

In addition to this, they have an Education section, where you can learn how to trade so that you can increase your chances of becoming a successful trader.

A Variety of Assets to Choose From

There are a wide range of assets you can trade on Stockpair. These assets include currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. For those looking to trade more rare/exotic currency options, it's important to note that even though the most relevant currency pairs are available on Stockpair, you may find 9 main currency pairs currently covered not fully satisfactory. However, it is worth keeping in mind that Stockpair is continually updating their services and options to traders.

StockPair banner - Trade over 150 assets. Make 85% profit in less than 15 minutes.

You have to stay within these pairs when you make your binary option trades. The commodities are even more limited as the only commodities offered are gas, gold, oil, and silver. Stockpair has not yet decided to include agricultural commodities or even other precious metals. The Indices featured are most of the major indices including the DOW, Nasdaq, and the S&P. When it comes to options, they really shine in terms of stocks. There are over a hundred stocks listed on Stockpair, including most of the major companies. Everyone from Apple to Zynga is represented on the Stockpair listings, so you can bet on the success or failure of many of the companies you see during your everyday life.

Stockpair Mobile Trading Now Available

An image of Stockpair trading platform for mobile phones.

A Trusted Payment System

Stockpair also provides a variety of options for placing your deposit. One can place a deposit via credit card, payment processor, or wire transfer. You can place your deposits in three different currencies, the British Pound, the Euro, and the United States dollar. Stockpair withdrawals can take 3 to 7 business days depending on what payment processor you use. Stockpair has an effective payment system, ensuring that both deposits and withdrawals are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Deposit / Withdrawal Methods

Another point that you may want to be made aware of is that Stockpair do not currently provide 24/7 trading, however, this is only a minor issue as the market does not really change while it is closed.

Some Stockpair Traders...

If you are interested in what Stockpair traders have to say about this broker, then simply click on the link below and check out their feedback: Stockpair Traders and their Thoughts.

Overall, Stockpair is a great company to trade through. They have great returns and a wide variety of assets to choose from. Stockpair is definitely not a scam as you can make a withdrawal at any time and there is a great potential to make really good money if you have knowledge of the direction of the market. The payouts are some of the best in the business with payouts as high as 350% which is amazingly high. The only major negative to Stockpair is the minimum deposit of $250. Two hundred dollars is a rather large commitment for people that just want to try out binary options, so it may turn off some users. If you want to break into binary options, Stockpair can be a great option for you.

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Stockpair Regulated

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