Is TradeRush a SCAM? - MUST SEE Customer Review

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Markets: Forex, Commodities,
Stocks, Indices

Min. Deposit: $200
Payouts (In The Money): 65 - 81%
Out The Money: 0 - 10%
Regulated: Yes
Accepts US Clients: No
Bonus: 100% Sign Up Bonus


TradeRush is non-regulated binary options broker operating today. It has managed to remain competitive in the industry by offering reasonable deals to its clients. It was founded on the key belief that knowledge is power. They launched their platform in 2011 and introduced 60 second binary options to the online trading industry. The company offers generous 81% maximum return on 60 second options, and has a simple and straightforward trading platform. There are many new traders out there who ask, Is TradeRush legit? Is there a TradeRush scam out there which you should be aware of? Carry on reading to find out the answers to those questions and much more.

WE RECOMMEND REGULATED BINARY OPTIONS BROKERS ONLY. See our list of the top trusted brokers here.

A Simple but Effective Trading Platform

If you are interested in variety, and don't mind signing up to a binary options broker that's not regulated, then TradeRush offers more than 100 different assets to trade from. Depending on what you enjoy the most, you have the option of trading currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Their user interface is not very difficult to use and is considered by some traders as user friendly, everything is designed in a way which doesn't include any major complications so that to you can start trading binary options.

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Three words: Simple, Easy and Helpful

"How easy is it exactly?" you may be thinking, well, as easy as taking three simple steps. First step, select an asset, second step, choose the time period in which you would like to guess whether the value of the asset will go up or down, finally, select whether you think the value of this asset will go up or down at the expiry time, it is that easy to start your trading career. The expiry period range which you can select can vary from 60 seconds to 6 months.

Trade Rush have implemented various features to try and help traders in their journey to understanding how to handle binary options. To begin with, you will come to love little details like exactly how much more time you have left to place the trade, and how much time you have left until expiry. You can easily see the amount of time you have left to trade written just above the payout percent.

Since there is no TradeRush demo account for you to try, you may have already seen from another Trade Rush review that all the information and essential features have been organised so that you have access to all the basic tools you would need to start trading with your money. Depending on what you enjoy the most, you can easily select any of the following trading options: OneTouch, 60 second, Option Builder and the default/typical binary options trading platform. This allows you to play around with different possibilities, so that you can adopt a trading style that best suits your character.

Another positive aspect with TradeRush binary options is that it allows you to view available options in a list or in a table. The table view is just as well laid out as the list view. In addition to this, you also have Live Chat help available to you on the right side of the trading platform. This can be useful to some traders who need that extra reassurance since there have been various TradeRush complaints out there, so it is a little comforting to know that at least there is someone there ready to assist you with any questions or problems which you may have. Although there is no Trade Rush demo for you to try, from the moment you actually join, you will notice that another feature with their trading platform is their finance feed. This has specifically been designed to keep you up-to-date with everything that is going on in the financial world. This is can be useful if your strategy for placing trades is based on news.


TradeRush Mobile Trading Now Available

An image of Traderush trading platform for mobile phones.
A Team Trained to Handle Your Questions

TradeRush allows customers to get in contact via email, chat, or by a local phone number located in the US and Canada. Their team is professionally trained to deal with your query, but there have been a number of negative reports out there regarding TradeRush and associating this brand with bad business practice. However, this could merely be due to the fact that they are not regulated.

Information to Help You in the Best Way They Can

TradeRush does try to fight off the fact that they are not regulated by saying that they do what is possible to help new traders. Trade Rush offer market analysis service for their members, sending key daily information to you via email. We cannot confirm how reliable and effective their information and data is, since they are not overlooked by any regulatory body. This market information is designed to be to the point and gives you a quick snapshot of the news and key economic indicators that you need to be aware of as a trader. This may help you to make more informed decisions and thus can prove to be useful when you are trading. However, most binary options brokers offer this type of service to their members these days.

Free Trading School to Help You Become a Pro Trader

Although binary options is simple to understand and use, TradeRush have spent time and resources to ensure that their traders can achieve success through learning. They provide you with a free trading academy, free trading courses, and finally, a free trading eBook.

When it comes to TradeRush withdrawal, you will be happy to know that the process is easy, reliable and very straightforward. Both deposits and withdrawals can be made in Euros or USD via different methods as shown on the image below. However, we must stress, TradeRush is NOT a regulated binary options broker, so there is no protection over the funds which you deposit or guarantee that you will get any of your money back. Furthermore, your account details are not secure with any unregulated binary options brokers.

Deposit / Withdrawal Methods

If you read any TradeRush review, you will see many different messages which can be confusing. We keep it simple here at OptionsBee; if a broker is not regulated, we strongly advice you not to disclose any of your personal information or bank details. Despite the fact that TradeRush have done their best to try and succeed in the binary options industry, we recommend that all new traders go and visit our binary options brokers page where you can see an updated list of the Top Regulated Binary Options brokers.

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